This page is dedicated to increasing knowledge about the 8 X 63mm Swedish military round – the most powerful infantry round ever produced. Information exists both on and off the web, but is incomplete, disjointed, sometimes erroneous and often contradictory. My hope is, with your help, to gather in one place a definitive picture of this obscure, misunderstood, and now obsolete round. 

I initially became interested in this round solely due to the local availability of large amounts of 1940’s military surplus machinegun rounds. ( Like many owners of milsurp arms, I am constantly on the lookout for milsurp ammo, and this initially caught my eye as a possible source for my Turk Mauser in 8mm Mauser. The vendor made it very clear that this was not 8mm Mauser (8 X 57), rather its selling point was the salvage value of its components. Some quick calculations provided a strong business case for buying a lifetime supply, re-chambering a Mauser or two to it, and actually shooting it. The business case was weak when the financials alone were considered, but my level of interest in the round and desire to be a bit of a pioneer closed the deal.

I am neither an expert, nor do I have access to first-hand sources of information vis-à-vis the history of the round and the firearms that employed it, so I welcome input. I do offer the results of original research I have conducted of the round itself, having actually shot several hundred of them employing many permutations of bullets, powders, and charge weights.

This website will be constantly “under construction” and I welcome your comments. 
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