The following are loads I worked up in the 29” barrelled Turk Mauser. These are what I consider to be maximum loads, a belief determined not by a pressure gauge, but by extrapolation from known maximum 8mm-06 and 8mm-06AI loads, and by observing classic signs of high pressure, i.e. stiff bolt lift, cratered primers, and shiny cartridge case heads. In other words “by educated guesswork”. These loads were safe in my gun on the day I tested them. Use them as guidance at your own peril. I did not test for accuracy, as the primitive sights on the old Turk are not conducive to accurate-enough sighting. In my gun, the 8X63mm Swedish seemed to perform best with powders in the Hodgdon H4895 range for light bullets, and the H414-H4350 range for heavy. You will se that the 8X63mm Swedish is considerably more powerful than the 30/06, in fact it is hard on the heels of the 300 Win Mag.